Discover The Best Hotels In Fort Lauderdale

Traveling to Fort Lauderdale can be exciting because of the sun and the fun. However, when you have to find a place to stay in the region it can be difficult to do. This is why we are going to cover what we feel are the top three hotels in Fort Lauderdale Florida. By covering these it will make it easier for you to find the hotel that is going to suit your needs and know you will have an enjoyable vacation when you are in the region, instead of one that leaves you wondering why you came in the first place.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort is going to make the top of our list. This is a hotel that has quite a bit of what we are looking for. The hotel has a great location, but since it is also a resort it has a lot of the amenities that people will want to have as well. The best part that we like about this location is the fact that it has its own private beach so you do not have to worry about just anyone walking up onto the beach, it will only be resort guest.

Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six is another location that will make our list as well. This is a location that is very upscale as it is a Hyatt property and everyone knows they are known for being some of the best places around. However, it also is a location that has easy access to all the features that people would want to have when they are staying in Fort Lauderdale. The best part is, this is also a location that is a waterfront type of venue, but does not mention a private beach.

Lago Mar Resort and Club is the final place that we really enjoy. While this place is located in Ft Lauderdale FL it is a location that is more of a getaway from it all type of location. It is a waterfront venue, which we really love, but it is a location that has its own tennis courts if you want to play in the sun, but also a great relaxation point for you as it has its own spa which is going to make it easier for you to relax and unwind when you are done for the day.

When people are trying to take a vacation they will generally want to stay in a great hotel. The problem is with some locations they have so many hotels that it is very difficult to narrow down the best one. This is when they need to do some research because that will make it easier for them to find the best hotels in Fort Lauderdale that are generally on the beach. Then people can take a trip to this beautiful location and know they will have a great trip because of where they are going, but also because of the hotels they have decided to stay in.

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