Historical Naples Florida


Naples Florida was founded in the late 1880s by none other than a former Confederate General a former U.S. Senator named John Stuart Williams as well as his partner. His partner, a renowned Louisville businessman named Walter N. Haldeman, who was also the publisher of the Louisville Courier and Journal.

The journal reported that during the 1870s and 18880s that there was a mild climate and abundant fishing and game. They compared it to Naples Italy.

Major developments were quickly established and the railroad reached Naples in 1927 and it quickly linked Naples to Tamiami Trail in Miami.

However, it wasn’t until after the Great Depression during World War II that the area was used extensively. During the war times, the area had a small airfield that was used for training purposes.

A 1945 hurricane caused extensive damage to the area and a lot of work was required to do the repairs. New subdivisions were created and it quickly became a great place to live.

In 1966 Aqualane Shores Association was quickly incorporated as a non-profit corporation. It was the beginning of the Bay of Naples to the east. Within 30 years, a state-mandated city-wide master plan was created and it was renamed Aqualane Shores Neighborhood.

The Naples economy is made up largely of tourism and its historical value. Based on real estate developments as well as agriculture. with a close proximity to the Everglades as well as the Ten Thousand Islands, it’s a very popular area for tourism.

There are a variety of companies in the area including Alavista Solutions, ASG Software Solutions, and Beasley Broadcast Group. Thanks to the wealth that is present in Collier County, the area is also home to a variety of small sized non-profit organizations.

The surrounding metro area offers a stable home to a variety of major private employers. Many of these are Fortune 1000 Companies including NewsBank, Health Management Associates, INgage Networks as well as medical equipment manufacturer Arthrex just north of the city.

Per the Census Bureau, the area of Naples has 16.4 square miles of which 12.3 is land and 4.1 is water. Enjoying a tropical savanna climate, the area last had snow on January 19, 1977.

There are over 800 alumni living in the area from Ohio State University. Likely largely due to the Midwesterners who have relocated to the area. There are many great bus routes and transit services through the area 7 days per week.

The area is also serviced by NCH Healthcare System. Currently, the area has 681 beds in two different hospitals. Additionally, the facility operates six separate clinics in the Naples area.

Tourism is by and far the largest industry in the area. Home to a variety of major land reserves including the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park and Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

The area also is home to Picayune Strand State Forest and is well known for the 11,000 acres of wildlife and landscaping that have a half -mile boardwalk that winds through the sanctuary.