Info on Professional Sports Teams In Baltimore


The City of Baltimore is full of sports tradition. There are various teams located in Baltimore that people have grown to love over the years. In this article, we will be going over some of these teams and we will be discussing some more key information about them.

1. Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles LogoBaltimore has long been a baseball town. The Baltimore Orioles are the professional baseball team of Baltimore and the only professional baseball team in the state of Maryland. This particular teams has fans located throughout the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia areas due to the fact that Washington D.C has been missing a professional sports team at various times throughout the years. The Orioles also happen to be a team that is located in the very competitive American League East division full of teams with rich history and competitive rivalries. While the Orioles went through a long drought in terms of competitiveness, they have been the most competitive team in the American League over the past 5 years having won more games than any other team in the league.

The Orioles play in Camden Yards which is effectively known as the ballpark that changed baseball. The reason why this ballpark is known as such is because it was the first open air type of stadium constructed like it was. This stadium prompted a greater influence on design on the various stadiums in the MLB and you will see it’s influence easily by looking around at the new stadiums in the league, particularly those with restaurants.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens LogoAnother professional sports team that is located within Baltimore is the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are located right across the street from the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore actually lost their team when the owner decided to up and move to Indianapolis. Thus, a lot of fans went without a team for a long time. However, since they came back, not only have they been as competitive as ever, the fans have supported them relentlessly. The Ravens are known for having an excellent defense and management staff having fielded a competitive team for years.

These are the two primary professional sports teams located in the city of Baltimore. While there are a lot of different fans from all over the place, Baltimore is known for having some of the most die-hard fans in the country. This is a very competitive sports town that loves their baseball and football teams. While Camden Yards has been having a hard time filling the stands compared to history, more and more fans are watching on television as they are within the top 10 in terms of broadcast ratings. The decrease in fan attendance is likely caused by the Washington Nationals moving just south of Baltimore which has caused a division in terms of fans. The older fans that rooted for the Senators and the young ones within the D.C metro area have migrated towards the Nationals whereas those that grew up in the Cal Ripken Jr. era have generally stuck with their Orioles.