The Top Search Engine Marketing Strategies Of 2016


SEO strategyDid you know that you could easily rank several pages on your website if you understood which search engine optimization strategies are working the best? Most people are unaware of which strategies to implement, and therefore are not able to reach the top of the search engine listings. Obviously there are some keywords that are very competitive, typically keyword phrases that are three words or shorter. However, by targeting longer keyword phrases, preferably four words or more, you will be able to use certain techniques that will boost you to the top of the search engine results.

Strategies That Work Today

The first thing that everyone should do when they create a website is to make sure that they have multiple pages that are each targeting a specific keyword. By doing so, you can focus your efforts on boosting the rankings of that page for the targeted keyword phrase that you have chosen. Each page should have a video and image, and all of the pages that are discussing similar topics should be interlinked. Additionally, you should have links coming in from different IP addresses across the Internet, using your targeted keyword phrase intermittently.

Best Strategies For 2016

One of the best techniques that is working right now is to embed videos, not only above the fold when you’re page loads of the search engines, but also an additional video embedded at the bottom. Each of the videos should be different, yet both need to be presenting information related to the content on each page. It is preferable to use at least one video that you have created yourself so that you can also link to that video which can help boost your rankings. An off-site strategy that is working very well is using links that originate from social media platforms. There is a twofold reason for doing so which includes the fact that the search engines are constantly scouring social media sites looking for webpages that are getting multiple links, and you can expand the number of links that you have by creating excellent posts that will be shared across the web.

Up And Coming Strategies

One final strategy that everyone should be using is the use of images, specifically those that are referencing a Pinterest page. If you are able to link to a Pinterest website that you have created, one that also has a link to your main website, this reciprocal form of linking can be very beneficial in helping you get to the top of the search engines. Pinterest is actually a very popular site, and if you are able to not only get a link from a Pinterest page, but link back to one, this can boost low competition pages to the top of the search engine listings. You may even end up with both your Pinterest page and that page ranking in the top 10 allowing you to get more traffic.

After you have used some of these top search engine marketing strategies, you should have no problem at all ranking multiple pages in a period of several weeks. It will take a little bit of time for the strategies to start working, but once they do, you will be receiving thousands of visitors to your website every single week. The strategies could change at any time, but for 2016, they are working absolutely phenomenally. Implement these today, or hire a professional SEO company to do these for you so that you can enjoy free traffic from the search engines.