These Top Baltimore Restaurants Are Some Of The Best In The US


Baltimore, Maryland is a big city. One of my friends that lived here for awhile in Myrtle Beach was from Baltimore. If you’re never been, or even if you have, it pays to know what top restaurants you should visit while you’re there. Baltimore restaurants are among the best in the state, and some might even argue the nation. Are you prepared to find out which restaurants in Baltimore are rated the best?

baltimore restaurantsOne of them is called Charleston Restaurant. I live in Myrtle Beach, only 90 minutes up the coast from Charleston, South Carolina. So, this restaurant intrigued me, and by the way, it offers a fine dining experience. One of the reviewers actually says it’s one of the finest restaurants in the whole country, so there you go with that whole sentiment about Baltimore restaurants being some of the best in the US.

Would you expect an oyster house to be on the list next? One of the top ranked Baltimore restaurants is Thames Street Oyster House. This place is said not only to serve up excellent seafood, but it’s also said to be at a great location. Now, are you ready to hear about an Italian restaurant that you just can’t pass up. This isn’t going to be just your average Italian restaurant either.

It’s called Di Pasquale’s Italian Marketplace & Deli. This place is supposed to have a Manhattan feel to it according to one reviewer. As you can imagine the deli is a great place to stop by for lunch. However, you can also enjoy some great Italian dishes for dinner as well. Another excellent Italian restaurant that is actually located in Little Italy in Baltimore is La Scala.

Cuisine from baltimoreIt’s interesting because the list of great Italian restaurants in Baltimore doesn’t stop there. We’re not talking about your average spots to grab a bite to eat. The very next restaurant under La Scala on the list for a top travel site that listed top restaurants in Baltimore is yet another Italian hot spot. It’s called Dalesio’s Restaurant, and you shouldn’t expect anything but the finest Italian cuisine.

Of course, the next three restaurants are going to show you something a little different about the city of Baltimore. There is Miss Shirley’s, Woodberry Kitchen and Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse. A Brazilian steakhouse sounds like a great place to stop on by when you’re on vacation. Miss Shirley’s is supposed to be a great spot for lunch, and Woodberry Kitchen is supposed to be a very nice restaurant with rustic atmosphere.

Are you up for some delicious crab cakes? One spot known for these is called Rusty Scupper. A few other great Baltimore restaurants that are some of the best anywhere include Nick’s Fish House, LP Steamers and Pratt Street Ale House. You’ve been given enough top restaurant names to keep your mouth full while vacationing in Baltimore. Pick one of these sports for your first visit or choose to check out an Orioles game, and start working your way down the list.